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About Us

Sister Company
Sister Company


Founded in 1973, Wabash Plastics is a leading manufacturer of custom injection molded components and assemblies. We have served a wide variety of industries throughout our history including appliance, automotive, HVAC, point of purchase, and consumer goods to name a few.

Wabash got its start as an injection molder producing parts for our sister company, Cresline Plastic Pipe Co., and quickly branched out to injection mold parts for other OEMs.  As our expertise and experience grew, we continued to invest in injection molding technologies such as 2K / multi-shot molding, gas assist, and automation. Today, Wabash Plastics has over 58 injection molding machines, many of which produce 2K / multi-shot parts. Our dedicated and experienced team of injection molding professionals continues to provide market leading service and support to our growing customer base.

We are located along the division between the Midwest and Southern US regions in Evansville, Indiana, and service customers throughout North America.


Wabash Plastics, Inc. is part of a family of plastics companies all headquartered in Evansville, Indiana.  Learn more about our sister company Cresline Plastic Pipe Co.

Wabash Plastics is a registered ISO9001:2015 custom injection molder
Wabash Plastics is a registered ISO9001:2015 custom injection molder

Certifications / Awards

In addition to being ISO9001:2015 certified, Wabash has been the recipient of many supplier performance awards over the years in recognition of our cost competitiveness, outstanding quality record, and our tendency to go above and beyond to ensure our customers' projects launch without difficulty.



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