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In times of global supply chain uncertainty, many domestic manufacturers are reshoring product to protect the supply of components needed in their operations.  After years of global supply chain integration, US companies are taking a step back to look at the true impact of this trend.  One major concern:  the long lead times associated with shipping components around the globe and the risk this poses to domestic assembly lines.  It’s a gamble that US manufacturers are decreasingly willing to take.

Maintaining a regional supply chain helps ensure that manufacturing operations are not interrupted by natural disasters, political unrest, or even a global public health emergency as we’ve seen recently.

From a supply chain stability standpoint, the benefits of sourcing in the US are clear.  By choosing US suppliers, companies see many benefits including:

  • Decreased delivery lead times
  • Faster response time to scheduling changes
  • Lower warehouse and in-transit inventory levels enabling faster response time to engineering changes.
  • Higher product consistency and quality
  • Made in USA brand image can allow for a price premium for finished goods
  • Decreased risk of leaked intellectual property
  • Confidence that product regulatory requirements are being met

Wabash is ready to help you source or re-source your injection molded parts and assemblies domestically.

Our team is standing by to quickly develop the tooling and processes needed to manufacture your parts and fast-track samples and PPAP submittals.  Our vast network of suppliers enables us to quickly source sub-components needed for assemblies and secondary processes such as painting or plating.  Our flexibility allows us to quickly integrate into your supply chain with ease.  

Contact a Wabash Sales Engineer today to discuss how you can bring production back to the US, safeguard your supply chain, and support the local US economy.


Our engineers are standing by to assist with your project.