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In-Mold Labeling & Applique

Durable, permanent labeling integrated into the molding process

In-mold labeling is a great way to add permanent decoration to your parts. This process involves placing a pre-printed label into the injection mold cavity.  Plastic is then molded behind it forming a permanent bond. The result is a perfectly placed label that cannot be removed.  Safety and warning labels are a great application for this process as the label is permanent and won’t peel off during normal use or washing.  

Another method of in-mold decoration is known as in-mold applique.  This process starts with a flat sheet of plastic printed with your custom graphics. This printed sheet is thermoformed and trimmed to match the contour of the part to be decorated.  The applique is then loaded into the tool cavity and plastic molded behind it. The finished part has durable, perfect graphics from edge to edge.  Common applications for this method include consumer goods such as cell phone cases and appliance control panels.

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Product Inspirations

  • Warning Labels
  • Phone Cases
  • Control Panels
  • Fascias

Additional decoration Capabilities


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